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Jul 21 13 2:27 PM

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My first post so let me just say that I'm getting familiar with your product and it's a very nice tool.
Even though I try to read the documentation and the forum carefully before posting an issue, I believe I have one.
Avery time I rotoscope my image I run into some layers that don't show in the 3D view. when I open the Deapth tool I can see strange values in the setting and they can't be changed. examples are:

Even if I delete such a layer, the next I create suffers from the same issue. Is there anything I can do?

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Oct 17 13 2:03 PM

Yikes, that is a definite bug, can you send me your session files? It may be possible import the edits into a new session and salvage the work, that would be a work-around (vs. bug fix) but I can give it a shot..

btw I appreciate the interest in G3D, I don't have any funding for new versions (upgrades/etc.) but I'm happy to support the public version as long as people are using it..

If you can post links to the files and/or just email me I'll load up the session and see what can be done to workaround the issue, I tested as thoroughly as possible before releasing the public version, but I have seen a few bugs that managed to slip through :)

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Jan 31 14 12:36 PM

Hi Rene!
If you remember we were in an e-mail conversation regarding this bug and eventual donation... But since the conversation faded away and I couldn't move on, I lost interest in the project and haven't looked in here for months. And JUST TODAY I formatted the drive with the project - only to realize there is development on Gimple3D. So I'll try to se whether there is a backup copy somewhere ;)

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