Nov 17 14 1:20 AM

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Hi, I'm a newbie on G3D and from France so be kind with my english !
First of all Rene congratulation for your software which seems to be extremely strenthfull, but  for the moment I'm not able to create anything.

In fact in spite of my first steps in this program followint tutorials on Youtube, it seem my program doesn't work as shown on the vdo. Would it need a registration key to unlock functions?

My first problem is the program I downloaded seem to be anable to reopen saved files.
My saved jobs generate 3 type of files *.sfi, *.sgm and *.tch
I guess to open a saved file I must use "load" command ?

So When I command load the soft ask for *.sss files what does it means ?
Or if I try "All files *.*" and try to load one after the other the 3 files format previously generated the message is "Loaded empty project file. Use the import options frame dialog to add frame to this project" .

Well I quite used to graphic sotwares and 3D sotfs but the use of this programm is more than uneasy for me !
Please help me.