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Jul 28 11 4:16 PM

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This category is for those that want to share layermask images/frames, or actual *.sfi sessions for others to play with.

This may help new users to ramp up, and see how others are setting up their scenes.

The Rules:

Layermask images should be uncompressed, and match the frame dimensions. The frame image can be compressed.

If you are sharing an actual project file (*.SFI) please post a screenshot so we can see what the 3D space looks like.

Only post images you have permission to use.


I will be going through my old test data to find appropriate content to post here, "extrapaul" may also have something to share.

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Jul 29 11 11:54 AM

Hi Paul-

I have an internal mechanism for various parts of the code to save and load custom data (this extends to the SDK and plugin system), depending on the features used, you may have several files with the session name and different extensions.

Required Files:

The frame image.

Not Required:

The folder "FILTERED" isn't needed, it is created for the output of the image filter...once the layers are imported into the session, they are saved in the *.sfi and you don't need the filtered layermask anymore..NOTE: You can also export a layermask from the app, so the user can always make their own from the *.sfi.

Other Files:

Any other files will have the name of the session and have a different extension (for example, the *.tch file saves information about the manual touch-ups, or depth painting).

I developed several of the tools as add-on plugin features (but they are internalized), they each get notifications to load and save data, if I remember correctly there are maybe 5-6 of these.

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