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Sep 30 11 3:58 PM

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Hi, I am working in the film industry, I am interested in Gimpel 3D, possible that will use it to work. I have a problem, how do the floor, which fills the whole scene? This picture is a good example. Thank you for any aidBest regards - Eric

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Jan 22 12 4:24 PM

FYI I messed with that image today (just playing around), here's the link:

btw the best FOV was somewhere around 30 degrees..I did notice some weirdness with auto-detection of FOV using the perspective rectangle option, that might be a good candidate for a bug fix (the first time it came up around, other times it hung)..

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Apr 10 12 9:36 AM

Here is the test project files:

You'll have to manually browse for the image when you load it..

The Steps:

First of all, this image looks cropped from a larger image and the field of view is fairly small, I found that 30 degrees worked best.

I outlined the 3 main faces and the background for a total of 4 pieces.

I used the perspective tool, with a rectangle on the top face, to find the best projection for the top piece.

After that, I used the auto-align tool to snap the side pieces into place (either one can be selected and aligned to 90 degrees against the top, and then the 3rd piece can be aligned to both of the others for the tightest fit).

I messed with the stereo settings a bit and the shift edges tool to make sure the colors didn't go into the background (this image is a special case because the background is blank)..

After I exported the anaglyph image I had to manually clean up the edge pixels, there was some overlap on the sides of the image, but the center was more or less as you see it (no editing required).

This would have been a better test case if the field of view was a bit larger and there was a floor piece, if you load the test project you'll see there is some warping in the geometry projection because the field of view is so narrow..

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Apr 16 12 4:23 AM

Thanks a lot for the reply! But I am still not getting basic things in this software like
1. how to make outlines?
2. How can we cut object for rotation etc or separate it from background?
3. How align tool work with different layers?etc...

Basic working of tools is not clear in the tuts as well as on this site. I have wasted a lot of time in just recognizing basic functions of tools in this software, still many are not understood. Please help Rene.............
Can you please give step by step clear video of above cube?

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Apr 17 12 12:24 PM

Hi Dhamija-

Have you gone through the reference section in the help docs yet? All tools and functionality are described in detail, I agree that a step-by-step example video tutorial would be best, I've been severely tied up with other projects recently so I don't know when I can get something posted..

The process for making outlines is covered here:

Reference->2D Editing->Rotoscoping

and there are lots of useful shortcut keys referenced here:

Reference->KB/Mouse Controls

The alignment tool is in the reference section, but the basic process is that you select one or more layers, and the last layer selected will be aligned to the others...if there is a shared edge you can specify the angle between them, OR the "Align To All" option will adjust for the tighted fit between all layers..

The keyboard shortcuts are important to know, most of the editing, selecting, rotating, etc. can be done without using the GUI, if you can get the hang of selecting, moving, and rotating pieces with just KB and mouse it's much easier to work with..

The outlining also has several shortcut keys, you may want to goto Reference->KB/Mouse Controls and just print that out (I tend to forget all the keys if I haven't used the app in a while)..

I'll send you a message when a get a step-by-step tutorial posted, I've gotten that request several times so I can put it off for only so long :)

"Revolution means new beginning."

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#7 [url]

Apr 18 12 3:18 AM

Thanx a ton! Finally, I got to know many things. Waiting for the step by step video... ......

One more thing is that, when I outline two or more faces, software crashes at every next step. I have already downloaded Gimple3D repair pack given by you (because previously it was troubling while importing 100 frames) from the following link:

What's the problem exactly? Please help...

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#8 [url]

Apr 18 12 10:55 PM

Software at my system is not loading "completedrubikscube30.sfi" file given by you due to difference in the software version. Plz send me the link for the updated version that you have.

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#9 [url]

Apr 19 12 11:56 AM

Are you loading it with Single Frame->Load Session or did you try loading it as a sequence (*.sss file)?

Sequences vs. Single Frames:

Everything for Single Frame sessions is handled under the "Single Frame" menu option, dealing with sequences involves a ton of other stuff, that's what the main buttons are for..

I actually included the Single Frame option just for quick testing (it's easier than dealing with image sequences), it was useful enough that I left it for the final release..

NOTE: It is possible to create a sequence with just one frame, but a bit of a pain to do that, that why I had the other option..

I don't know what might be causing the crash, if you can send me your system specs and some sample data I can try the frames here and verify the app can run them (though this may not resolve the problem)..

It's a slim chance, but you might also run a virus check, I do have some failure points that will kill the app very quickly if it determines a hacked version is running...any changes to the binary exe (even harmless changes) will cause the app to terminate after just a few operations..

"Revolution means new beginning."

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#10 [url]

Apr 19 12 9:07 PM

Yes I am loading by single frame>load session files. But message shows "error loading layers from file, version mismatch. I had read the difference given by you about single frame and sequence import.

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#12 [url]

Apr 21 12 12:14 PM

Hi Dhamija-

I have identified an issue with the MFC popup dialogs on some setups (this is very rare, I have never seen it until this morning), that may be a clue..

Are you able to right click on a piece and get the popup menu? This requires no editing, just load any fresh frame image and right-click on it in either view (2d or 3d), this will select the default layer..

A popup menu should appear next to the cursor...

NOTE: On my test system I can still select pieces in the list and perform all edits, it's strictly related to the popup menu and behind-the-scenes MFC handling..

If these problems are related this may be a clue...another user has reported consistent crashing when doing basic operations and I suspect it may be a similar problem..

I compiled the release version with VS2005 (which had security issues) and I developed the code using VS6 (which I was using since the 90s), I may have to compile a new version using VS2010 for full compatibility with the latest MFC dlls..

"Revolution means new beginning."

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